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Agata Krajewska

Agata has developed a very inclusive approach to working with people. From the ground of presence she listens to and honours the unfolding of the bodymind. She sees every aspect of ourselves as a valid expression of the whole, longing to come home ... more



Anna Murray Preece

Anna is passionate about supporting those she works with to align both to their inner rhythms and to the rhythms of nature. Underlying all of her work is a commitment to allowing source or spirit to move through us into increasing embodiment to enable healing. She brings to this her experience as a Core Process Psychotherapist, Plant Spirit Medicine healer and homeopath, having worked in the field of health and healing since 1987. She aims to offer a grounded and safe environment for the unfolding of her client’s process ... more

Be Browne

Be's work is based on her love and curiosity for life and a passion for supporting people on their awakening journey. The richness, depth and freedom this way of working has given her in her life is what fuels her desire to share it ... more


Kate Coombs

Kate brings her commitment to embodied presence to this work and offers a deep listening and a supportive, intuitive connection. She is a shiatsu practitioner with over 30 years experience in movement, art and meditation ... more

Landa Love

Landa has developed a tantric approach to her healing sessions. Combining Rhythmic Healing with the ancient practice of Tandava and focusing on embodying the inner 'masculine' and 'feminine' qualities that we all possess ... more



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