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Anna Murray Preece


Anna is passionate about supporting those she works with to align both to their inner rhythms and to the rhythms of nature. Underlying all of her work is a commitment to allowing source or spirit to move through us into increasing embodiment to enable healing. She brings to this her experience as a Core Process Psychotherapist, Plant Spirit Medicine healer and homeopath, having worked in the field of health and healing since 1987. She aims to offer a grounded and safe environment for the unfolding of her client’s process.

I initially worked with Ruth as a supervisor to support me in facilitating movement sessions with people in addiction rehab. Through the supervision we did together on how this raw and difficult work impacted me, I realised that Rhythmic Healing was able to touch something very deeply, that I had not previously experienced. It took many times of asking before she finally agreed to run a training. I am grateful for the subtlety and power of this work that I have found can help to bring together fragmented parts of ourselves into increasing embodiment and health.

Individual sessions
I offer individual sessions usually on a regular basis, as I find a clear rhythm of meeting is supportive in the work. I see people in person, currently by the fire in my garden or in a large indoor workspace. I also find that working online can be very effective.

Opening to Your Wild Body Retreats
I facilitate short weekend retreats both residential and online called 'Opening To Your Wild Body’. These are usually themed around attuning to the season and incorporate the principles of Rhythmic Healing with working with the land, the plants, the weather and a sacred fire ceremony. They are either based at a comfortable venue on the River Dart or online.

Meditation and Movement Retreats
Alongside my husband, Rob, I facilitate week long retreats in the Vajrayana Tradition, focusing on an embodied approach to buddhist tantric practice. These are also either residential, located by the River Dart or online.

Website ~ www.healingfromthesource.co.uk

Contact ~

T ~ 01364 631052

E ~ annamurraypreece@gmail.com






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