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Landa Love


I discovered Ruth's work at a time when I was starting my journey of embodiment. I was training to be a yoga teacher and working at a land based education centre where they had a developmental program called 'The Journey'. I felt attracted to that work but it did not feel quite right for me, Ruth's work, however, resonated deeply. Working with Ruth and training as a practitioner enabled me to unravel my story and long held trauma. Ruth enabled me to see how I had been 'spiritually bypassing' as a way of avoiding all that was held in my body. She guided me to realise how the way that I moved was naturally reflecting Tandava movements and introduced me to this ancient yoga practice of conscious dance and embodied presence.

Both the Rhythmic Healing training and subsequent Tandava and Yoga trainings, enabled me to recognise and fully integrate my masculine and feminine aspects. This is now a journey that I guide others on within workshops, trainings and coaching.

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