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Rhythmic Healing Founder ~ Ruth Noble


Ruth Noble worked in clinical practice with groups and individuals from 1981 until her passing in 2013. She practiced psychodynamic psychotherapy and movement healing, running dance and movement courses in UK, Ireland and New Zealand. She was a full member of The Association for Therapeutic Healers.

Prior to that Ruth was a primary school teacher and created and ran a nursery school when her children were young. She was also instrumental in establishing a refuge for battered women, and involved in the emerging therapeutic practises in the 1970’s.
It was at that time that Ruth heard the phrase ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ and set about discovering what that meant. During this search she trained in psychotherapy, studied dance and movement, intuitive massage, and healing amongst other practises. In the 1990’s Ruth studied with two Indonesian movement and mindfulness teachers, both in England and in Indonesia.

In 1994 she began teaching movement healing which became Bodymind Attunement.


From 1999 Ruth received channelled dynamic movement healing with related teaching material. This healing process has been called Rhythmic Healing by Spirit. It is a process as old as humans though formulated to be accessible to Western minds.

In 2000 Ruth’s Masters degree involved researching the experience and understanding of the life force in Eastern and Western Bodymind Movement practises.

Ruth lived with her husband on Dartmoor, South Devon where they sustainably renovated a derelict cottage. They had a cottage garden, grew their own food, and kept bees. She was always very grateful to be part of a vibrant local community.

With gratitude to Ruth and all her teachers.


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