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About Rhythmic Healing

At its essence Rhythmic Healing unwinds and transforms memory held in the energy body, rebalancing masculine and feminine energy, aligning to one’s natural rhythm in harmony with Earth’s rhythm. The energy body permeates all aspects of being from physical body, through feeling, emotions, imagination, mind and spirit.

All practitioners undertook an intensive two-year training and regular CPD and supervision with Master Teacher and Founder Ruth Noble and continue to receive regular caring supervision and support for their work.

Rhythmic Healing is a simple process of releasing held trauma from wherever it has originated. The releasing occurs deeply in the subtle body through spontaneous physical movement and may involve shaking, dancing, moving rhythmically, making sounds, and laughter. This is all safely held within the context of the participant’s tolerance of this energy.

This dynamic process may also involve remembering and clearing painful aspects of the person’s earlier life, birth and pre-birth experiences. Once trust in your own bodymind wisdom develops release occurs spontaneously as increased vitality and the power in movement is safely experienced.

Facilitates the development of greater integration between inner reality and outer expression, to align to your personal path.

Find the potential to release the holding of a restricted expression of your true self, and past hurt.

Safely unwinds cell memory that is trapped in the physical body by returning to the source of memory and transforming and releasing deeply held trauma.

Rhythmic Healing uses the tools of relaxation, verbal and non-verbal communication, inner observation, and spontaneous physical movement, to support greater alignment between the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects of being.

“… to remember who we are, what we are, and what we have come to do.”


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